The Pixiebob cats cattery
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If you have not already got acquainted with the Pixie-bob cat breed, we strongly recommend  you to do it.

Terms of sale

Conditions of Kitten Sale

Reservation Details

A. If you have chosen a Kitten, you need to reserve it. At your request, video and additional photos are sent before your deposit. In this case you need to contact by phone or email. To reserve the Kitten you have to deposit, and then the buy-sell agreement is signed.

B. If you live in another region of the Russian Federation, the Kitten delivery is free of charge. The Kitten is prepared for shipping at the expense of cattery. The Kitten is delivered only after a full payment.

C. As for foreigners, the delivery is chargeable depending on the country, and it is carried out after 100 % payment for delivery and the Kitten.

D. Terms of payment methods, the deposit amount are agreed individually with each buyer.

I. The Kitten is considered to be reserved only after the buy-sell agreement is signed and deposit is made.

Purchasing Details

A.The Kitten moves into a new house not earlier than at the age of 4 months. By this time kittens are vaccinated with a comprehensive vaccine against infectious diseases and a vaccine against rabies, also they are microchipped. Before moving into a new house, the Kitten is castrated. At the age of 3-4 months kittens are fully socially adapted, accustomed to scratching posts and hygiene.

B. Kittens are sold to the new Owner only on the basis of the signed buy-sell agreement.

C. Documents preparation of transfer to the new Owner, who lives in another region, is carried out after a full payment.

D. By the time of moving into a new house, the Kitten has:

·        Veterinary certificate of international standard with marks of vaccination.

·        Care and maintenance recommendations.

·        The four-descent pedigree, which is registered in a new owner, or a pedigree without an Owner with a transfer registration (a document of the transfer of the Kitten to a new owner, issued by a feline organization).

·        Health Certificate.

·         In case of the Kitten participation in exhibitions, the diplomas and awards of the Kitten are also transferred.

I.The Kitten delivery time to another region of the Russian Federation or to another country is specified individually and spelt out in the buy-sell agreement.